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First of all I admire Laurence's personality.
He is patient to explain over and over some questions. Also he tries to find easy ways to interpret challenging questions. And the most precious were Writing classes with him, specifically Writing tasks 2 on IELTS preparation course. Being a philosopher and close to a poet he is able to teach the way of correct writing using his experience and background knowledge.

Gulmira I., from Kazakhstan

Laurence was unique. He corrected me every time I made a mistake, always in an extremely polite and calm way, and most importantly, he's tremendously knowledgeable about many topics and highly clear while talking and explaining things to the students. This was for sure the key point to develop my English to fluent level. Besides, he's a really chill person who you can talk to about anything and have a good time.

Luiz A., from Brazil

Laurence is a top level Spanish tutor whose lessons are both fun  and rewarding. He was able to assess the level I was at and help build on the basics, whilst at the same time teaching me new words/phrases that benefit as the course goes on. What makes his lessons stand out from the others is that he focuses the classes around the main areas you're looking to improve on which keep you wanting to learn more.

Shiro B., from the UK

I was in Laurence's class for 10 weeks to prepare for the CAE exam. In other words;

it was an exam course. What I liked most about his classes is that he helped everyone individually which was really effective for all of us. Additionally, he concentrated on the problems we had and how we could solve them together. It was a great preparation and I'm thankful for that.

Janina M., from Switzerland (passed the CAE)

I had classes with Laurence when he lived in Spain and I can say that I really enjoyed classes with him. He was a very attentive teacher, was genuinely interested in our learning, and adapted to the needs of each student. His classes were very interesting. Laurence is a good speaker and I felt motivated by his approach. I would like to highlight Laurence's vocation as a teacher, his knowledge and passion for languages, as well as his methodology, which enriches his classes. His classes were always well prepared!

Ángeles C., from Spain

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